Your digital home

With domusmio you get your entire home in order online!

  • Detailed descriptions of building parts and fixtures
  • Help with maintenance and operation
  • Possibility of maintenance plan and budget

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Your home's online "service book"

With domusmio you get a personalized structure for your residential components - everything from building parts to fixtures and technology. Over time, it allows you to keep track of how these should be maintained and operated.
All information about your property in one place!

Perennial maintenance plan

With domusmio you can create a multi-year maintenance plan automatically.
Register the building parts you want to maintain with tasks over time, then domusmio will gather it all in one timeline, so you can see year by year what needs to be done in and around the accommodation!

Digital memory of your home

domusmio helps you keep maintenance in mind.
- What color code did you paint with 4 years ago, when should I clean gutters or should I descale my washing machine?
All this and much more you can get control of with domusmio.

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The home is our greatest asset

The home is our greatest and most valuable asset - it must we maintain to maintain value, extend service life and at the same time save money. domusmio - "My residence" is maintained and operationally systematized. It is help for self-help, help from other homeowners and from professionals.

Make your home live longer!

Several analyses show that you perform ongoing maintenance - as opposed to waiting on a a comonenet is broken down, then it saves the live time overall and you saves money. domusmio helps you know how and when to perform maintenance - according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Help create the best service for homeowners

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What is domusmio?

domusmio is a digital service - i.e. website / mobile site (mobile app), in which you as a private homeowner can register all components (building parts, installations, appliances, etc.) in your home. The components are registered in order to follow when these are to be operated and maintained. In this way, you as a homeowner get a complete overview of your house / apartment and how everything is built up and put together - and most importantly: how and when the different building parts should be maintained. For example, it can be information about which paint (color code) was used the last time the wall was painted - then it is easier to repurchase the right paint again - as well as know when it was done.

domusmio® is a digital service (i.e. website/mobile app) where you, as the homeowner, can get a "digital representation" of your home. This is done by establishing and describing all the components of the home (building elements, installations, invent, etc.). Your own descriptions can be supplemented with the manufacturer's recommendations for ongoing operation and maintenance. In this way, as a homeowner, you get one place, where all descriptions of your accommodation can be accessed - for the purpose of doing so easier to operate and maintain all year round.